who we are

“The most enjoyable way to celebrate unique moments, is to create them, for you, as the most important moment of your life. This is what moves us, our value and what sets us apart”.

Yepp! that´s us
YEPP! DMC - our story

"We don’t deliver a product. We deliver a lifetime experience"

Our story started 3 decades ago, organizing  and operating multiple corporate meetings  and events in Destination Management Companies,  but the joy of creating and celebrating unique lifetime moments, combined with our passion for Portugal, led us to expand our brand to 3 segments in Destination Management:  Yeppy M&E, Yeppy experiences & signature tours and Yeppy weddings & celebrations.

Why  YEPP!DMC ?  we are Your Event Partner in Portugal and Yeppy for you!


Our Mission

We are passionate about ‘Yeppy’ emotions. Every day we create and develop solutions that are tailored to the dreams and needs of each moment, event or celebration and therefore unique and unforgettable. It is also our aim to help our customers, friends and partners to succeed and celebrate life in a ‘ Yeppy’ mood.

About us

Carla Andrezo

a yeppy leader

Carla is an emotions designer and loves to think she is an eternal apprentice, because her mission is not limited to inspire, create and achieving; As each moment, event, wedding or celebration, has frameworks and stories of those who will live them, every day is an opportunity to learn and surprise. Carla’s experience in Portugal during the last 3 decades, allow her to select the most reliable local partners, motivate and support experienced teams, so that your event, wedding or celebration, are truly unique and full of meaning, for you.
do what you love, expect nothing, stay grateful and appreciate everything


What we do